Eliminate the hassle of boat ownership While Enjoying A Full Experience On The Water!

Who We Are

DAB (Driver And Boat) Rentals are a business that provides not only the vessels for rent but an experienced driver as well. Our drivers and staff take care of everything regarding the vessel from the moment the vessel is launched to when it is docked. This allows our customers to provide a full and enjoyable on-the-water experience without the stress and hassle of boat ownership. We are currently located in the Treasure Valley, ID area but have been expanding nationally to provide our services to various locations.

DAB Rentals At It's Core

  • Safety - We have a team of drivers with the expertise and experience in ensuring fun and safety go hand-in-hand.
  • Options - We carry and array of various vessels to meet your on-the-water needs!
  • Customer Satisfaction - We are committed to creating a full and enjoyable experience on the water for our customers.